To my daughter…

I made a promise before you were born to never criticize your body, to never make you feel ashamed or try to change you. I promised to teach you to love your body and love others just as they are. I promised to be careful with my words and not speak badly about myself in front of you, I promised to be the best mom possible for you, fighting everyday the false beliefs that I still carry around. I constantly pray that your mind is never tormented by the expectations and ideals society has praised, but to live authentically and cherish your uniqueness. But now I see how much you teach me and how rewarding it is to be your mother. I love how you enjoy running around naked, with a sense of freedom and confidence, living in the present moment, without a care in the world. Your kind and loving words surprise me everyday. You tell me I’m perfect even when all I see are imperfections. You tell me you love my belly, when all I see are scars, stretch marks and loose skin. You snuggle and hug me around my stomach, begging me to tell you how it felt to have you growing inside of me. You tell me I’m beautiful and remind me how I wish I could see myself through your eyes

Recovery is not easy. You learn to live one day at a time, changing habits, transforming thoughts and beliefs. You keep trying, even if that means forgiving yourself each night and starting over every morning. I love you G, you came into this world not only live a beautiful life but to shed light, truth and courage on mine. I am beyond grateful..
💛, mama



2 thoughts on “To my daughter…

  1. Wow your are beautiful inside out…God loves you..and i see that G also loves you they way you are..and we Rodriguez Fam. Love you too clau…


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